Teenage Hair – Best Haircuts For Young Men

Teenage Hair – The Best Haircuts For Young Men


The teenage years are notably the years of learning about our personal style, likes, dislikes, and overall how we want to be perceived. Although we will change our look as we age and mature, it’s important for a young person to experiment with different looks to achieve confidence! As a parent, you may have concerns or opinions about your child’s appearance, which is understandable. If you’ve wondered about haircuts for your son, this list of the most popular teenage hair styles will be your best guide for helping you and your family find the perfect cut.

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Disconnected Undercut


The disconnected undercut is a perfect look for a teenage boy who wants a bit of an edge to their look. A bit of length on top and shorter sides & back give this hairstyle the appeal many kids their age are seeking.



Pompadour Hawk


A mix of the classic pompadour and spiky mohawk, this look gives a bit of professionalism and encourages a positive morning routine. With a bit of pomade, work the hair up and in the desired shape.



French Crop


The french crop is an ideal hairstyle for young men as it is trendy and timeless. To achieve this look, cut a blunt cut across the forehead paired with shaved sides and back. You can add some fringe for an elevated look. Styling and maintenance are minimal for this look so it’s a perfect haircut for those with limited time in the morning.



Timothee Chalamet’s Haircut


Timothee Chalamet’s recent growth in stardom has led many to style their hair exactly like his, and for good reason! This look features medium length hair with a middle part. It’s easy to style and has a laid back feel which is appealing to some young men.



Tom Holland’s Buzz Cut


The greatest thing about a buzzcut is how timeless of a look it is. Regardless of how long and short, it enhances facial features and makes you look more masculine. For those who hate styling their hair, it’s the perfect cut. Basically the only maintenance required is shampooing & regular trips to your barber.



Skater Haircut


The skater haircut has been worn by teenage boys for decades! It has a loose and laid back vibe. To achieve this look you’ll need medium length hair and some layers or bangs. Sweep the hair to the side and style it a bit messy. A light hair gel will help with the styling process.



Admittedly, helping your teenage son find a haircut can cause a bit of tension if you don’t see eye to eye on how you think they should wear their hair. It’s important to note the significance of expression and confidence at such a crucial age of development. Teenage hair has been a topic of discussion amongst many families, that’s why this list of the most popular haircuts for young men is a great guide to finding the perfect hairstyle!

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