Top 10 Fade Haircut Styles & How To Get Them

Top 10 Fade Haircut Styles & How To Get Them

In 2021, the fade has become something that is universally known and loved. In every barber shop in the country, you’d probably see someone getting some sort of fade in their haircut. Even going back in time, the fade has always been a very common hairstyle worn by men – popular in some way in almost every era. They are truly that popular; and for good reason – they look amazing. Today, the limit to styles of fades is virtually nonexistent; with men all over the world experimenting and pushing the boundaries to create new ones every year.

So, What Is A Fade?

When talking about a fade, you’re generally referring to how the sides and back of your head are styled. A barber will typically leave some of the sides and back bald and slowly ‘fade’ the length of the hair upwards towards the top. With that being said, some fades are more extreme than others. Each different hairstyle in the fade category can be split up into three very general categories; high fade, mid fade, and low fade. These categories refer to the area of the head where the fade begins.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best fade hairstyles of 2021!

The Taper Fade Haircut

With the Taper Fade, the hair is faded both at the sideburn and the neckline. This cut works wonders with a beard.

The Light Fade Haircut

With The Light Fade, it’s basically the same cut as a skin fade with less hair taken off. This ends up making it look more subtle.

The Top Fade Haircut

An all time classic, especially when combined with long hair on the top.

Slick Back Fade Haircut

Regular High Fade with hair slicked back

Curly Hair Fade Haircut

Regular fade when combined with curly hair!

The High Fade Haircut


The Skin Fade Haircut

The Skin Fade always reveals the skin.

The Drop Fade Haircut

With the drop fade, the fade drops down below the ear.

High Fade With Waves Haircut


Shadow Fade Haircut



Well, Now you’re well equipped to head to the barber and pick out a new fade to get. With so many options and the versatility that comes with the fade, it’s a great option for all hair types. There are not many styles that work with just about everything; so definitely take advantage.

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