Top 5 Cool Haircuts For Men in 2022

Top 5 Cool Haircuts For Men in 2022


So, what defines a ‘cool’ haircut? For us, it means a haircut that’s in style, looks good, and challenges the norm in some way that keeps it from looking ‘normal’ or ‘typical’. Some of the coolest haircuts utilize styles and silhouettes from typical hairstyles and make a twist on it! Most of the cuts on this list will use interesting lines and cuts to spin up the common styles and make a statement. Whether ‘cool’ to you is keeping up with the trends, or making your own unique statement, this list will have a cut for you! 


Classic Side Part Pomp


The original ‘Cool’ Haircut, accomplish this one with a bit of pomade and a comb. You can also have your barber shave a part on either side of your head near the temple if you want to commit to the ‘part’ look. Reminiscent of the greaser look, this classic cut has and probably will always remain cool.


Messy Spikes w/ Line


This is a pretty inventive style that’s definitely not for everyone. Messy spikes can look awesome if you style them properly, and the use of the ‘part’ line below the temple gives the look some awesome sharpness. Remove the part or the beard fade to make this look a bit less ambitious, but still cool.


Slicked Back Quiff w/ Highlights


Highlights are an excellent addition to a cool or trendy haircut. This is a less clean quiff than is possible if you want to go for the prim and proper look. But this messy look works too! 


Greaser Cut


This classic cut is super easy to create – a bit of pomade in the hair and you can form it just about any way you’d like. Adding a couple of strands that hang down on either side can look super cool and trendy/classic.




The undercut has been popularized in recent years by some prominent actor’s roles like Brad Pitt, and has always been a classic look being used heavily in the military and now in popular culture.




Cool haircuts and classic hairstyles are always in style because of their tried and true nature. Trends fluctuate quite a bit, but there are always cuts that remain ‘cool’ throughout them all – and on the other hand, there’s always room for a few wacky cuts and challenges to the current trends.


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