Widows Peak Haircut – Styling Your Widows Peak

Widows Peak Haircut – How To Style Around Your Widows Peak


Many men and women around the world are born with a widows peak. It’s a natural part of life just like your eye or hair color. It is a genetic factor that cannot be changed or altered so it’s best to embrace it! A widows peak is characterized by the front of the hairline forming at a point resembling a small upside down triangle or a distinct V shape. It got its name from the hoods widows would wear in the past. Throughout the years, we’ve seen some pretty stylish hairstyles that accentuate men’s widows peak haircut and natural facial features. Confidence is the most attractive quality someone can have, so if you’re ready to embrace your widows peak you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the most popular widows peak haircuts to keep you looking fresh this year!


Altering A Widows Peak


At the end of the day if you still don’t feel like a widows peak is normal or that you cannot accept this aspect of yourself, there are a few ways you can alter it. It’s noteworthy that nothing on this list is permanent and altering your widows peak will require constant upkeep and maintenance.


  • Waxing: This can be done at home with a wax kit or the recommended route which is at a salon.
  • Plucking: Using tweezers you can pull each hair out of its follicle for a slower growth back time. This method can feel painful until you build up the pain tolerance.
  • Shaving: This is the least recommended method because of how the hair grows back. Typically hair that is repeatedly shaved will grow back faster and thicker. This is a quick fix that can be appealing to some, but requires daily maintenance.
  • Laser Hair Removal: This is the best method for keeping the hair away for the longest amount of time. It’s done by professionals and is a bit costly, but to some the price is worth it.
    For a quick tutorial about how to shave your widows peak, click here.


Crew Cut



The crew cut is a great hairstyle for those trying to disguise their widows peak. Short haircuts tend to help the hairline blend in a bit. Using a pomade style the hair up and slightly back.


Side Part



The side part is a great hairstyle to pair with your widows peak. Make the part start with the uppermost peak of the hairline to ensure proper coverage and a professional and classy hairstyle.


Buzz Cut



The buzz cut won’t hide your widows peak but it will accentuate your quality facial features drawing attention to your face. Many people find a widows peak attractive so completely hiding it shouldn’t always be the goal!


Slicked Back



Another hairstyle without the intention of hiding your hairline! This look screams maturity and style. Embracing what you have can promote confidence and be incredibly attractive. Use a max hold pomade or gel to keep your hair slicked back all day.





We love to see a nicely styled pompadour on any man, especially men with a widows peak. It looks mature and edgy, like you spend time on your appearance and hygiene! Who doesn’t love that? This look won’t completely hide your widows peak but it will accentuate your facial features.


It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you may feel a bit insecure about your widows peak. Everyone has insecurities and it’s understandable to feel a bit out of place when the majority of people have a mostly straight hairline. It’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences and is attracted to different things. Our differences are what make us human! Whether you are seeking to hide your widows peak or to embrace it fully, this article of widows peak haircuts is your best guide to achieving confidence with your hair!

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