Viking Hairstyles – For the Bold and Brave

Viking Hairstyles- For the bold and brave


Although vikings peaked in history many years ago, a lot of us are of the viking lineage and others find their culture and style fascinating. Hollywood has portrayed viking hairstyles in a way that is relatable as a few current hair and fashion trends resemble how vikings used to look. When visualizing vikings, big men with long and styled hair and beards come to mind. Here are some of the top 5 most popular viking hairstyles that you can rock this year! 

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Twisted Hair 



This style is inspired by the TV show Vikings! Instead of braiding your long locks, use the twist method. Simply start at the scalp with two pieces and twist adding in sections of hair as you go down. This process is similar to the french or dutch braid. For max hold you can use a light pomade before you begin styling. 


Beard with a Shaved Head



The more traditional viking look with a rugged and tough appearance. This style features a bald head or shortly shaved head with a long beard. You can style your beard as it falls naturally or with a braid. This is an opportunity to show some personal flair. 


Long hair with an Undercut



Many hipsters already sport this look that features long hair or bangs with an undercut! You can style this look in many ways such as a ponytail or a beard. 





Sporting a ponytail is a great way to show off your viking locks in a way that is practical as your hair will stay out of your face. You can rock this look in a half up half down style or as a typical ponytail. As always, for a more viking vibe pair your ponytail with a beard. 





Braids are a popular men’s hairstyle regardless of your hair type. Men with kinky, curly hair sport them as well as people with long straight hair. In regards to a viking style you can go for long hair on top for the braids and shaved or trimmed sides. Braids can be worn with medium to long length hair. 

Viking hairstyles are becoming more and more popular as men choose to grow out their hair. Whether your hair is already long or you are looking for some inspo, you can never go wrong with a long beard and long hair combo! 


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